The Atkins Diet: Bacon and Eggs for Breakfast

The Protein DIet: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

A few years ago everyone in the northwestern part of the United States over the age of 47 was on the protein diet; people loved the Atkins Diet. Why wouldn’t they? The basic diet consisted of a bacon and eggs breakfast, hamburgers without buns for lunch, and steak minus the potatoes for dinner.

I think the fad ended when Dr. Atkins died. Not necessarily because of the Atkins diet, but it did tend to make people wary of the diet. (Read this article from Snopes for the complete scoop on whether or not Dr. Atkins’ death was tied to a heart attack or not.)

I never got the idea behind the diet so much, but I did see several people actually lose weight from the Atkins diet, which made carbohydrates the number one bad guy food in the United States.

I think that the biggest reasons that people lost weight on the diet was that they cut out all of the crap from their diets. (OK, most of the crap. If you can forgive the fatty sides of beef that people ate on their diets.)

Hello, did it not occur to anyone before the Atkins diet that Big Gulps of Coke were not healthy or that huge bags of Doritos were not good for weight? Because I’m pretty sure that chips and potato chips are not the lowest calorie foods around and that cutting them out of a diet would make a tremendous difference in someone’s life.

Or is the idea that eliminating chips and other carbohydrate processed crap from the diet was the major factor for weight loss completely crazy? Or did the people that lost weight on the Atkin’s diet really lose weight just because they stopped drinking fruit juice and avoided bananas altogether? (The sugar factor is also a key element of the Atkins diet.)

It’s really hard to say what worked and didn’t work, just as it’s hard to determine whether or not Dr. Atkins did in fact die of heart-attack related causes. It is easy to question the healthiness of the Atkins diet in terms of the long-term health risks of eating too much fatty meat--long thought by the medical community to be a definite bad thing--but again, it’s hard to quantify the Atkins Diet formula to determine the exact health risks of such a strange diet.

Have you ever been on the Atkins Diet? What did you think about it?



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Ive never tried the Atkins diet but right now I'm highly considering it. I just want to lose about 15-20 lbs.The only problem i have is that I love bread and pasta. Thats why ive never tried the diet before. i think its just hard for me to give up what i absolutely love and then i know sooner or later that I'm going to slip up and want that pasta or bread and then the diet won't work.


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Right! My mom lost a lot on that diet but like you said, you cut a lot of other junk from your diet while you are at it. I, on the other hand, never lost anything; the only thing that's worked for me is extra exercise.


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I will try a HEALTHY low carb diet and wont be eating bacon and eggs every morning. Something like cottage cheese (low fat), berries, and a boiled egg or two would be MUCH healthier on a low carb diet. Make it healthy and think for yourself on this one. Do you really want to clog up your arteries with saturated fats when there are other options?


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When low carb dieting you need to boost your fat intake since you are lowering your carb intake.That being said, low fat cottage cheese is also not the best. Regular old cottage cheese will do! Maybe picking up an Atkins book and reading it completely and making yourself understand it before you spout off is a great idea. Just my thoughts. :-)


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If you are doing an Atkins style diet, you don't want to eat low fat. It will lock you up. Just as when Vilhjalmur Stefansson was living with the Eskimos (Inuit) and only ate meat year round (and nothing else, yet still got his nutritional needs filled), it was when he cut back on fat that he became unhealthy. As soon as he added it back in, he was fine and thriving.

But if anyone is interested in the science of a high protein diet (more Paleo than Atkins), you still get your nutritional needs filled, and it's better for you than a bread enriched lifestyle.


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Weird but still

I'm on Atkins styled diet right now and losing a pound per day (well, I'm like 210 pounds but still). I have snacked on sugar rich crap quite a few times but it doesn't do anything as long as I don't eat that much of it (for example, one portion of pudding is fine) and stay out of most fruits and wheat. So basically, for me white "bad" sugar is a better option than wholegrain "healthy" products or fructose.


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I can personally say I stayed on this diet faithfully and lost 60 pounds in 2 mos. Kept it off for about 1 year...then gradually started gaining again...I go on this every so often to get back down to my's easy..I like the food. I have a good report everytime I visit the Dr. Try it once I say.


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Donna Allerton

hi.. I was wondering what and when did you eat on this diet I would like to try it.... thku donna


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