Spice Isn't Just For The Bedroom

Spice Isn't Just For The Bedroom

In an effort to take on a healthy lifestyle, I have had to make conscious choices surrounding MOST of the things I would prefer to eat. I suppose on this journey towards healthiness, I have also realized that there are some things out there, that truly put a smile on my face, make my stomach grumble with pleasure, and in all honesty, not real sure I could live without. Some people probably say desserts or potato chips, etc. And although I cannot lie, because I love sweets and good ole’ fashion carbs, for me. My vice is condiments!

Ketchup, dressings, marinades, hot sauces etc. can be the life of my party. And although you can find low fat options lining the shelves of the grocery store, they are often packed with enough sodium to stop your heart. So, I have been scouring the health world trying to figure out what is the solution, what’s the trade off? How do I get great flavor without subjecting myself to fat and sodium?

Well, the consensus is SPICES. I have looked online and gathered information from my super healthy friends and family…and they all point to the same thing…dodge the traditional condiments and tap into natural spices. Not only do they have more overall nutritional value, they often times have various research showing their health characteristics as well. Using spices can season and dress up your fish, chicken, potatoes, and vegetables.

Stock up on rosemary, sage, chili pepper, ginger, cinnamon, and turmeric. According to an article on www.eatingwell.com , these six spices are deemed the healthiest of the spice group.  Outside of giving us a dash of deliciousness, each have health properties as well, such as improving memory or digestion. And for any of us that are aging, improving memory and keeping the rumble in tummy down, sounds like a pretty good thing to focus on as well.

There is no need to stick to these six spices alone, but next time you are tapping into the monthly or weekly groceries, look into the fresh basil, garlic, parsley, thyme…whatever floats your healthy boat. Incorporate them into recipes or dishes that may call for unhealthier options. One more tool to a healthier and happier you.