Popcorn Ball Twists

Popcorn balls are all the rage during the fall, and what's not to love about the goody, portable treats that look almost as fun as they are to eat? Lots of foodies are transforming the traditional popcorn ball by tweaking the recipe and putting their own twist on the concept, and there are some really innovative approaches out there right now. A few ideas include...

Low-Carb Fudge Bombs

The more I read about sugar, the more I'm wary of the substance. Sure, everything in moderation is a great strategy, but sugar is added to everything these days and it's being linked to dozens of negative health issues. I say the less sugar, the better, and when I discovered that I could make chocolate fudge for my family without adding sugar, I was all for it!

Upside-Down Oreo Cake

Combining cookies and cakes to make the ultimate desserts is a passion of many cooks and if you don't have to bake the treat, all the better! This no-bake Oreo upside-down cake is the perfect treat for Oreo lovers. All you need are some Oreos, milk, cream cheese, cool whip, sugar and strawberries. Follow the recipe and store it in the fridge and you'll have an easy, no-bake treat for your next party.

Pumpkin Spice is Back

When it comes to pumpkin spice, some people are sick of it just by hearing about it--but others can't get enough of the product. Various restaurants have their own spin on the flavor and some of them are so well-known that people count down the days until they can eat them again. For example, the pumpkin spice cheesecake at Olive Garden is a well-known favorite, as is the same offering at the Cheesecake Factory. 

Lemon Glazed Blueberry Cake

Blueberries and lemons are plentiful and gorgeous this time of year. What better way to celebrate that sweet and tart, tangy combo than to enjoy lemon glazed blueberry cake with the people you care about after dinner? It's the perfect backyard dessert to follow a barbecue or to serve alongside a cool glass of lemonade over brunch with friends. It's so fresh and inviting that no one is going to turn it down!

At-Home Coffeehouse Beverages

There’s just something about getting your tea or coffee made at a coffeehouse rather than doing it yourself at home. Whether it’s the plethora of syrups and toppings you don’t have at home, the fancy equipment or just the age old rule that everything tastes better when someone else whips it up for you, most people enjoy a drink out rather than in—but many avoid it since it does tend to get pricey.


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