Rainbow Recipes

Someone I love is celebrating their first major Pride this year as open to most of their friends and family and I'm so excited to be a part of it. I've been taking them to get rainbow gear, learning about the history of Stonewall and just really enjoying being on this journey with them. We're also planning on some fun foods.

New Year Eating

The New Year is a common time for people to change the way they eat. Last year I went on a no-sugar way of life for most of the year and found it to be very helpful for many different things, and I plan to continue this lifestyle in 2019. My rules are pretty simple: I don't do more than 20 carbs a day and I limit "cheating" to a single meal, once or twice a month, usually on special occasions. I've also added a lot of daily habits, from turmeric in my chai tea to apple cider vinegar mixed with cream of tartar and sparkling water, that have helped me with my goals. 

New Year's Eats

New Year's Eve and Day are among my favorite holidays. I love the feeling of a new, clean slate, not to mention a brand new planner. My old one is always decrepit after so much damage by this time of year! New Year's food is of the utmost importance, whether you celebrate with a Hoppin' John meal, some Chinese food or a dozen grapes at midnight. Last year, when we embarked on a sugar-free journey that lasted most of this year, we had a carb extravaganza with tacos, chips and queso and a bunch of other yummy goodness at home.

Using Aldi for Holiday Eats

Leaving holiday dinner to the last minute can be stressful for anyone, but Aldi makes it so much easier on my family and me. For years I didn't shop there after seeing some disturbing things happen as a kid (there were weavils in some flour my family bought there once, I think), but today Aldi is clean, affordable and my favorite place to stock up on the essentials.

Baking Season Ideas

Many families have holiday baking traditions that span generations. My mom used to bake for Christmas, but us girls didn't really participate, so when I found out about other people's cookie-making traditions I was a bit surprised. A good friend of mine gets every sprinkle she can get her hands on and makes dozens and dozens of cookies with her daughter. My daughter and I often bake a few things, like cookies for the neighbors or some holiday bread for the house, but we don't really bake as many as my friend.

Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas

Sometimes the best meal during the holidays isn't what you think it might be. I remember the time we had turkey quesadillas with cranberry sauce the day after Thanksgiving and they were amazing! Since then I've always been interested in what people make for their after-Thanksgiving day feasts, if they even have leftovers! This enormous list of ideas contains several unconventional ideas with what to do with your leftover fixings, from pizzas to soups, muffins to noodles and much more. 

Halloween Recipes That Kids Can Make

Most people like to find "kid-friendly" foods to make, and while I'm of the mind that kids can make just about any foods adults can with proper supervision and assistance, it can make it easier to find recipes that are especially easy to make. Parent and Child is my favorite parenting magazine and they have released some really cool-looking recipes for Halloween!

Memorial Day Must-Haves

Memorial Day is less than a week away and plenty of hungry bloggers are finalizing their meal prepping plans. Do you have your guest list, food prep and all of the rest of your details all set for the long weekend ahead? If you are looking for some tasty bites and beverages that won't add too much to your waistline, Hungry Girl has a wonderful list of must-haves that you need to check out. The Jazzy La La Lemonade is definitely on my to-make list.


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