Veggie Curry

How do you make it?

As a curry lover, you can imagine how hard it is to cut the carbs for one of my new year goals! Fortunately for me, I love cauliflower rice and don't mind it as a sub-in, but my family is not a fan. Hence, we sometimes have multiple pots cooking at once. Curry itself doesn't have to be carb-y at all and in fact can be a great meal.

Homemade curry seems to take forever, which makes it tempting to to just buy a jar of curry and go with it. But the women at A Beautiful Mess have created a great veggie curry recipe that only takes 20 minutes to prepare, giving you a fresh meal that is healthy, flavorful and fun. Their recipe is for green curry but you can make other curries with many of the same steps, too. (My favorite is yellow, but red is also very good.)

Do you have a great quick curry recipe to share? Which kind of curry do you like best? Share your tips and ideas in the chat.

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No way you can make an authentic curry in 20 minutes; I'll stick to what my Ammu taught me


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