All About the Macarons

Whose are the best?

After working every day since... forever, save for days when I'm sick, I always look forward to planning a day off on Mother's Day where I do whatever I want (I also do this in the fall on my birthday). I often read comic books and eat whatever I want that day, and this year is no exception! I've got macarons on my mind this year so I'm looking for some great suggestions. 

I love fresh macarons from bakeries, but I don't do a lot of junk anymore and I'm not sure where I want to get mine. They're also $2 a piece from the bakery, but it's kind of worth it since they're so good and you can just pick five different flavors rather than get a box with flavors you don't like. I thought about getting some at Trader Joe's, which are good and cheap, but I'm torn because I want something REALLY good. I've seen places where I can order online, too, but that's got to be planned in advance.

So how about it, foodies? Where's the best place to get macarons, and which flavor is the best?

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