Best Cauli Substitutes

Which ones do you like?

Yesterday I was reading about this delicious-looking recipe for cauliflower toast and wondering how I might make it work. I often mess up cauli recipes--I just don't ever seem to get all of the water out--so maybe getting cauliflower that's already cut and riced is the answer. It's more expensive, but if the results are that much better it might be worth it.

So far, roasted cauliflower is my best use of the vegetable, and it's pretty much too easy to mess up. But mashed cauli "potatoes" aren't all that difficult, and they still manage to give me trouble. I'd much rather just buy the alread-mashed frozen varieties, but if I could master making them on my own things would be a lot easier. 

So which cauliflower recipes have you found to be the most successful? Which ones would you make as a beginner, or as an alternative to toast?

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