Best Salad Dressings

What kind do you like?

As someone who continues to try and eat healthy, I must admit that I get very bored with my salads. It's not even like they're boring in the first place: I chop up and add veggies and cheese, I often toss in some avocado if I have any, I experiment with herbs, spices and dressings, but it still gets awfully boring. So one of the things I try to do is try out new dressings that inspire me.

I ran across this poppy seed dressing and, minus the sugar, I think I might try it on a salad soon. I love poppy seed dressing, and if I replace the strawberries in a salad with some raspberries I can definitely cut the sugar content even more. Creamy salad dressings are my favorites, though, and while I love homemade ranch so much more than store-made ranch, I haven't found many other cream-based homemade dressings that I like as much.

What kinds of dressings do you prefer? Share your best recipes in the chat!

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