Bread-Free Sandwiches

My tween calls them "MCMs"

Lunch meat, cold cuts, deli meat... whatever you call them, they are a staple in most American houses. The thing about lunch meat is that it's usually on bread or a bun, and if you're carb or gluten free, it's not nearly as much fun on its own... or is it?

My daughter has recently started making "MCMs," which are her "meat, cheese, mayo" stacks. She adds whatever veggies, spices or ingredients that she's interested in that day and often warms it in the microwave, too. I have to admit that it's pretty tasty! I like sprinkling this sandwich sprinkle blend on my mayo and topping mine with a TON of shredded lettuce and some cheese. Pickles on the side are a must for me!

What kinds of "sandwiches" do you like minus the bread or gluten? Share your ideas and recipes in the chat.


photo courtesy of Wikipedia


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