Coconut Curry Recipes

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Curry is the best. I can think of a handful of foods that I could eat on the daily and curry is definitely one of them. I like mine spicy, but I'll eat just about any variety, and this keto version of coconut curry is the one I'm into right now. I use ghee in mine, and I love sour cream on top, but I'd love to hear how you make it, too.

I'd also love recipes for other types of curries if you like to make them at home, particularly any meatless versions. I can totally eat my curry on veggies alone, or atop cauli rice, which I think is one of the BEST ways to enjoy cauliflower, but if you have some great curry secrets up your chef's sleeve, by all means, we'd love to hear them.

What types of curry do you enjoy most? How do you make curry at home, and do you have any tricks to make it taste more like restaurant-style curry that you could share with us? Post your recipe links or your own recipes in the chat!

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