Discuss Your Way Of Eating

Because there are so many kinds, for so many people

When people get irritated about, or ridicule other people's ways of eating, I can't help but shake my head. We might all be mammals, but we've evolved to a point where we all have different dietary needs. Some people have deathly allergies or sensitivities that can deeply affect their health. In fact, I think more people have sensitivities than not and just don't know it, and if more of us were willing to try modifications we could probably be a lot healthier, even happier, as a result.

Some people avoid certain foods because they cause illness flare-ups, affect their blood sugar or otherwise can cause harm. Others have to eat at certain intervals for optimal health. It's really important to respect everyone's different dietary needs and educate about them. Still more people simply eat things a certain way as a cultural tradition.

What about your own way of eating? If you have a story, feel free to share it in the chat.

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