DIY Kefir

Do you make your own?

As a homeschooling parent, I know people who do and make so many cool things. I know a mom who skates roller derby, a mom who followed the Grateful Dead on tour, selling tie-dye shirts and a mom who fought off a cougar one night while she was camping with her daughters. I know so many DIYers that if you don't have something, most of the people I know have either made it or will say, "Oh, you can make it, check out X resource!" A friend of mine makes all kinds of fermented foods and she recently gave me some starter grains to make my own kefir.

I've been taking probiotic supplements and am excited to make my own, and I have to say, while it looks gross spilling over on the counter, it smells SO yummy, just like sourdough bread. The health benefits from fermented foods are extensive and I hope to implement even more into my family's diet. 

Do you make your own kefir or other fermented foods? Tell us how you do it in the chat!

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