Easy Pumpkin Pancakes

No pumpkin required!

Remember the Great Pumpkin Shortage (which sounds like it should end with Charlie Brown) a few years ago? It was impossible to make anything pumpkin, from pies to dips to even beverages, unless you bought them pre-made, at least where I live. Pumpkin syrups like this one help remedy that problem by not only giving you the flavor you want without the pumpkin, but also cut the calories and sugar you would normally add. (Actually, combatting climate change would be a better help to saving any produce from freak weather patterns, but that's another post!)

This recipe for pumpkin pancakes uses really unique ingredients like yogurt and oatmeal for the batter and the pumpkin syrup for the flavoring. It's a healthier alternative that's also just yummy and creamier, perfect for cool fall mornings when you want some pancakes.

Do you have any other great pumpkin recipes to share? Post them in the chat. 

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