Eating Your Sunscreen

Protecting your skin with your diet

As a big fan of Wellness Mama, I knew she had to mean something else when she said she "ate her sunscreen," but it turns out that she meant that she eats things to help her body make its own protection against the sun! This makes so much sense since we know we need SOME sun for optimal vitamin D production. Avoiding the sun is bad for our health, too, so how do you get enough without turning lobster red?

According to Wellness Mama, the answer is in your diet. From eating the right good fats and antioxidants, getting used to the sun through gradual exposure and using natural support (like a hat), you can balance the right amount of sunshine with a balanced, healthy lifestyle. 

What do you think of her suggestions? Be sure to check out the links to the studies she suggests reading for further info and research. How do you get enough protection from sunshine while still getting enough for your body's needs?

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