Food Without Plastic

It's possible, and it's happening

Plastic can help save lives, make things easier and be very convenient, but it's also destroying our environment. If there's a way to avoid using it, we should do so whenever possible, and some stores are proving that it is, in fact, possible. The Dutch grocery store chain Ekoplaza just unleashed an entire aisle in their stores without plastic!

Everything in the store is made with biodegradable and recycleable materials, making it one of the most eco-friendly aisles to ever exist. From cereal to fruit, meat to snacks to beverages, every category of food is represented, proving that we CAN do it without the plastic.

If foods were available without plastic, would you choose them over plastic-encased foods? Do you already implement this decision into your life? Where do you get such items? Share your thoughts in the chat.


photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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