Four Levels Of A Hamburger

How do you like (or cook) yours?

Boy do I love a good hamburger. It doesn't even have to be meat; I love a good vegan burger, too! My favorite, though, has to be a medium-well cooked mix of beef and pork or good ground chuck on a flaky bun with bleu cheese. Yum! Pub cheese is great, too, as are any number of toppings, depending on where you're ordering your burger from.

Epicurious has a series of videos depicting various foods prepared by chefs of different levels, from home cooks to professional chefs, and this one shows the different ways that burgers are prepared. I love listening to the different tips offered as well as the differences in how the foods are prepared! Sometimes I think the home cook variation is even better than the chef's; how about you? 

My mom used to make these super thin cheeseburgers and she'd put them on the buns, then slide them back into the bun bag to keep them warm while she cooked more burgers. I love this trick when we make burgers at home! It's so handy when you're cooking for a big crew, especially on a holiday, and it keeps the flies out if you're doing it by the grill. 

What did you think of these cooks' techniques? How do your techniques differ, or how do you prefer your burger?

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