Hangry Pains

What eases yours?

When you're dealing with hanger and the many issues it brings, everything feels so much harder than it is, right? For me, it means getting angry and snipping at everything and everyone, which I know is ridiculous! I'll get really quiet and my husband will guess that I'm hangry because I'm trying not to be a grouch.

So what makes your hanger pains go away in a pinch if you can't eat a meal? For me, the answer is often peanuts, but believe it or not, a coffee is often helpful, too, especially if I can get a little heavy cream in it. Starbucks will sub it for you for sure--and if you don't want too much, tell them half heavy cream, half water. In fact, if you want it keto like me, just ask for no classic and add the sugarfree sweetener of your choice (my favorite is cinnamon dulce). 

How about you? What gets you through the hangry munchies when you don't have food readily available?

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