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When it comes to healthy eating, every person has different needs and what works well for one won't work for another. That's fine, and whatever your dietary needs are, you can still share your favorite healthy snack and lunch ideas here! Wellness Mama starts us off with trail mix, salmon dip, lettuce wraps sliced veggies and fruit kabobs. 

My current favorite snack is a wedge of cheese with some pickles, but I also love nuts and seeds. I could snack on nuts every day. I also love to make a quick "shake" out of coconut or almond milk, almond butter and cocoa powder. Yummy! Some good old fashioned chopped veggies with homemade ranch or French onion dip will make my day, too, as will half an avocado with some sea salt and olive oil. When my niece is here, I like to fill her two-year-old tummy with raspberries and blueberries, which she loves and could pretty much eat all day.

What do you love to snack on that's also healthy for your personal needs? Share your favorites in the chat!

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