Instant Pot Tips and Tricks

Share yours with me!

I have a confession to make, hungry bloggers. I have an instant pot and I've never even used it! A friend of mine gave me hers when they got a new one and said it would be life-changing, but I just haven't gotten around to learning how to use the thing. I'm sure it would've come in quite handy over the last few months, especially on the nights when we had to wait for something to cook or I ended up using the crockpot, but I just need to read up on it and get started, right?

Most of my friends think it's a magical tool but I'm not sold onto it yet. I've heard about making just about anything in it but to me that sounds like a weird quick fix, and if it's anything like using the microwave to cook pasta, I know I'm not going to like it! 

How about you, foodies? Do you use an instant pot at home? If so, share your tips and tricks with me in the chat!

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