It's Picnic Season!

Share your favorite picnic tips

My dad recently picked us up this adorable picnic basket, complete with cutlery, at a thrift store and I just about squealed. I've always wanted one but this is even fancier than I had expected! It even has a little drawer for silverware. It's springtime, and that means picnics!

Picnic food for my family has never been complicated. It often consists of finger foods (cut fruit and veggies with dip), sandwiches or wraps and cookies. Lemonade is usually a must, although my husband loves his sweet tea. I was thinking of mixing some things up this year and making some more complicated eats to enjoy once in a while and came across this great article featuring cucumber roll ups, kebabs and all kinds of fun finger foods. I'm definitely going to have to give some of these a try. 

What picnic foods do you like best? Share your favorites in the chat below.

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