Keto Cereal

Yes, it's a thing!

Friends and family who eat a ketogenic diet often complain about not having any cereal options, and it's a valid complaint. Yes, there are some DIY things you can make on your own, but the worst part about eating low-carb isn't so much finding foods to eat as it is losing the convenience foods that make it easier to eat. That's why it's exciting to find keto cerals like Magic Spoon's low-carb, high protein cereal.

I haven't tried this cereal yet, but it's exciting to see that it's sweet-tasting and comes in four different flavors: Cinnamon, frosted, fruity and cocoa. That covers SO many cereal flavors that I crave and I hope they taste as great as they sound!

Do you enjoy any cool ready-made low-carb foods? Share where you find them in the chat!

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