Keto Pizzas

What's your favorite?

Even if you're not a keto eater like me, you can still appreciate a delicious pizza made on cauli, spinach or even zucchini rounds! A local woman where I live makes these awesome crusts out of veggies and sells them at the grocery store. They are pricey, but I like them better than pizza. They have more flavor! I'm not sold onto zucchini rounds and other veggie "crusts" that are really just veggies with melted cheese and sauce on top as actual pizza, but I do still enjoy them as a bite to eat.

Then there's "fathead pizza," which I say should be eaten sparingly! I know the good value of fat, but I also usually find it so heavy. Of course, that's part of the point--you get full! But this triocolore pizza recipe looks lighter than other types I've tried, so I may have to make a go of it.

What types of keto pizzas do you make (aside from topping scrape-off pizza!). Some pizza stores, like Blaze, also offer it. Share your favorites in the chat!

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