Keto Restaurant Hacks

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I live a mostly keto lifestyle for many reasons, which means most of what I eat comes from the earth--lots of veggies and avocado! I also love me some nuts, and I use olive oil and vinegar on the daily. I do have protein every day, but not nearly as much as most people think keto eaters consume. I do like to eat out as a treat, so finding out restaurant hacks is one of my jams.

I saw this Texas Roadhouse cheat sheet, and while I like it, I'll have to pass. My favorite foods at that restaurant are ALL carb-heavy, from the country fried chicken to those amazing rolls with honey butter. And while I can have butter, I certainly can't have theirs! It's really too bad, since most things can be made without sugar if you know your hacks--almond flour is another staple in my home, as is coconut flour. Usually I'll hack a menu by ordering a salad my way and maybe adding a protein or side that I know I can safely eat, but when a restaurant has secret ways it can prepare things for you, it gets exciting!

Whether you have some great keto hacks or other exciting ways to tweak restaurant menus for your diet, share them in the chat!

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