Kids Photographed With Their Weekly Meals

What do you think of this?

As much of us love to ogle food to the point of sharing it on Instagram (really? whatever floats your boat), this project seems a little... weird... to me. A photographer took pics of kids surrounded by the food that they eat and while it can be enlightening, I think it's also problematic. 

The images themselves have the kids posed, surrounded by food; why? Why not just have the food shown? Because it's been done before? Bingo. It seems odd to make the kids pose like this. It almost feels like exploitive poverty tourism.

It's also ridiculous to shame people who live in food desserts, or poor people who go by the most calories $1 will buy in terms of filling up hungry kids. I've seen so many parents snark on this piece, shaming "junk food" and calling it worse, not understanding what it's like to feed three kids on a box of Kraft because it's more filling. I know because I grew up in a house like that and my sisters and I often shared that for dinner. When I got older, I even got a job with free food to help.

What do you think of this type of art? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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