Meatless Mondays

Do you take part?

As a former vegetarian, going meatless is usually pretty easy for me. My main meal most days consists of a big broccoli slaw salad with avocado in it, which is incredibly filling and often satisfies enough for two meals. It gets old and isn't my favorite but it gets the job done while meeting nutritional needs. Most Americans get too much protein rather than too little, so most of us can skip the protein, or use a meat-free alternative, every now and then. Even some public schools are opting in!

Meatless Mondays can help your budget and your ecological footprint, especially if you already eat a lot of meat to begin with. Here are just a few great meat-free protein options if you want to make sure to include protein, but some healthy fats, like the avocado I mentioned earlier or some extra virgin olive oil, will also help you feel full for longer the way protein does. They'll also burn more slowly, especially if you're adapted to burning fat for fuel (on a low-carbohydrate eating plan), giving you energy for a longer period of time.

Do you take part in Meatless Mondays? If so, what are you go-to recipes?

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