New Year Eating

Are you making any changes?

The New Year is a common time for people to change the way they eat. Last year I went on a no-sugar way of life for most of the year and found it to be very helpful for many different things, and I plan to continue this lifestyle in 2019. My rules are pretty simple: I don't do more than 20 carbs a day and I limit "cheating" to a single meal, once or twice a month, usually on special occasions. I've also added a lot of daily habits, from turmeric in my chai tea to apple cider vinegar mixed with cream of tartar and sparkling water, that have helped me with my goals. 

I think it's important to really decide WHY you want to do this. Changing the way you eat is exhausting at first while you plan ahead, learn a whole new way of shopping, cooking, and eating and basically live in a completely new way, especially if you're used to eating out a lot. If you don't really have a goal or reason why in mind, why even bother?

Here's a list of healthy recipes I found for the New Year, but I would argue that healthy means something completely different to people with allergies, asthma, diabetes, chronic inflammation, PCOS, endometriosis and other conditions that are helped (or hurt) by certain foods. It's rather arrogant for someone to claim that "eliminating a whole food group isn't healthy!" when they haven't walked in another's shoes, spoken with that person's doctor or encountered anything other than "normal" eating. 

Do you have any new eating goals for the year? What are they?

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