New Year's Eats

What's on the menu?

New Year's Eve and Day are among my favorite holidays. I love the feeling of a new, clean slate, not to mention a brand new planner. My old one is always decrepit after so much damage by this time of year! New Year's food is of the utmost importance, whether you celebrate with a Hoppin' John meal, some Chinese food or a dozen grapes at midnight. Last year, when we embarked on a sugar-free journey that lasted most of this year, we had a carb extravaganza with tacos, chips and queso and a bunch of other yummy goodness at home. I made sure to make my favorite punch: equal parts lemon-lime soda and Hawaiian punch with sorbet (raspberry if you can find it!) floating on top!

This year, I'm still not sure what I want, but I'm leaning toward Thai food. Long noodles symbolize a long life, which is why they're traditionally eaten on Chinese New Year, but that's not for several more weeks. I'm not huge on the champagne (sparkling wine or even juice is just as good) but maybe I'll find something good for a toast this year. It's been a rough one in our home and odd years are lucky, so we have high hopes for 2019. If you need ideas for a menu, here are some good ones!

What are you making for New Year's Eve or Day, or are you eating out?

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