Pumpkin Soup

Which version is your favorite?

Are you a squash or pumpkin soup fiend? Pumpkin soup is one of my favorite fall treats. It's so creamy and inviting, and it warms you to your toes if you eat it while it's hot. My all-time favorite squash soup is at the restaurant Salt and Smoke, but you never know when they're going to have it because it's one of their daily side specials, so you just take a chance to see if they have it. I also don't mind some butternut squash soup from a can if it doesn't have much added: just the puree and spices for me, thanks!

I'll always opt for a canned pumpkin or precut squash if I can when I make it myself (you can also use dehydrated squash for a quick mush!), but using a fresh pumpkin is often cheaper and cleaner. I really like this recipe since it's not only low-carb but it also incorporates one of my other favorite veggies: cauliflower! I highly suggest serving with some yummy sour cream on top but you can use any kind of garnish you like, including bacon. 

What pumpkin or squash soups do you prefer? Share them in the chat!

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