Review: Shirataki Noodles

They are surprisingly delicious!

Last week I shared a few of the new keto foods that I've been trying lately. Many have been terrible letdowns, but some have been excellent. My husband made me some of those shirataki noodles this week and I was incredibly impressed with them! The cost isn't the best, especially when you're used to paying a buck for spaghetti, but if you're getting pasta that actually tastes like pasta and not crunchy veggies, maybe another couple of dollars isn't so bad.

If you've bought Miracle Noodles before and hated them, I have to ask if you actually prepared them by the instructions. I hear people complain that the noodles are gross and stink all of the time, but that's only true if you fail to rinse them and prepare them as directed. Once you do and add your sauce (we made curry), you can't even tell the difference. They're made from yams and are a fantastic substitute without the carbs and calories.

Have you tried Miracle Noodles? If so, what did you think?

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