Review: Thin Slim Foods

A cool company to try if you're keto

For my birthday, I purchased a sample box of keto goodies from Linda's Diet Delites. You can get a great deal at 50% off if you sign up for their newsletter, and it was inexpensive to try these different products in the sample pack.

First of all, any of these items may work for you in a pinch for a craving. Everyone's tastes are different. For me, the best value was the Chocorite candy, which was phenomenal. The Walden Farms syrup wasn't bad on the ThinSlim Bread, which we had as French Toast tonight, and I haven't yet tried the two different noodles, but I have a feeling I will love them both.

The baked goods, however, needed a bit of help. I think blending them into keto shakes or serving with keto ice cream would really improve them, but I wanted to taste them just as they are first. I did not like the lemon donut at all and threw it away. The rest of the items I shared with my family. The snickerdoodle muffin was probably the best of them, but the bottom wasn't as good as the top. I know how hard it is to bake keto treats since I do it myself, and I think these were almost all pretty good for something portable. Most of my keto snacks have to stay refrigerated!

Have you tried any of the brands included in the sampler? If so, which ones do you like best? I think I'll order again and definitely keep experimenting with flavors. Next up: grilled cheese with the bread and curry with the pasta!

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