Summer Recipes To Learn

Before you toss that salad...

I am notorious for just sticking to summer salads during the hot months. Here in the Midwest, where "it's the heat and not the humidity," anything to keep your house one or two degrees cooler is a good thing, so if I can avoid cooking, I will. I'm known to eat only salad on hot days, which can get a bit dull!

According to bon appetit, these summer recipes are ones that everyone should learn, and they sure look a lot tastier than my cabbage mess (AKA salad) that I made yesterday! Yes, there are salads in this oven-free list, but they sure look a lot better than what I make! The spaghetti with walnut pesto looks incredible, and I could really go for the BLT listed here.

What are your favorite summer recipes to make that don't result in a hot kitchen? Share your recipes in the chat! 

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