Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas

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Sometimes the best meal during the holidays isn't what you think it might be. I remember the time we had turkey quesadillas with cranberry sauce the day after Thanksgiving and they were amazing! Since then I've always been interested in what people make for their after-Thanksgiving day feasts, if they even have leftovers! This enormous list of ideas contains several unconventional ideas with what to do with your leftover fixings, from pizzas to soups, muffins to noodles and much more. 

I love seeing how creative people get with these ideas, but sometimes they make me wonder. I've seen people use leftover White Castles for their holiday meals and thought, um, how...? They use the full hamburgers, onions and buns and all, in their recipes! Some look pretty creative but others... I'm not so sure about.

What's your favorite way to use Thanksgiving leftovers in a recipe? Share it in the chat! 

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