Using Edible Gold

How do you use it?

Instead of recipes this week, let's talk edible gold! Did you ever think that it wasn't really edible? I know I did when I was younger. Since then I've seen it in many forms, real and otherwise, that have been both dazzling and peculiar. Sometimes you just have to wonder why anyone would add edible gold to a dish, while at other times it really does elevate a drink or treat into something special.

I've looked up various edible gold forms online and noticed that it's not particularly expensive, with sheets of the stuff costing around $18 by some sellers. Apparently it can be tricky to use, but if you do decide to utilize edible gold leaf on your pastries, cakes and other works of edible art, here is a great list of tips for using it. Who knew, for example, that a makeup brush and a steamer could be so handy in applying gold to your food?

Do you use edible gold in your cooking? Share how you use it in the chat! 

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