Is Your Food Instagramable?

If you want customers, it might have to be

Remember when we used to make fun of that one person who always shared photos of their food on Facebook? Right. Today so many people fashion themselves food critics on Yelp or share their photos on Instagram that now a restaurant's popularity may hang in the balance of whether or not its food makes for a presentable Instagram photo. Foodies, is this what we've come to? Goodbye, Food Network: Hello, food networking.

Many restaurants seem to be jumping on the photo-worthy food train, creating ridiculous menu items with obnoxious, over-the-top ingredients to catch the attention of those who might scroll and swipe past. What's next, a Tinder for food? Eyes are definitely linked to the appetite, as anyone who's ever ordered more than they can eat can attest to, but they sure shouldn't trump the nutrition, description and overall reputation of a meal.

Do you base your meal decisions on photos of foods that you come across? Do you share your food items on Instagram?

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