September 2017

Make a Foodie Bucket List

While lots of people like to set goals in January, there's something about fall that calls for fresh beginnings, new experiences and magic in general. Yeah, we tend to romanticize the season in the West, but so what? It's nice to be excited about the weather changing instead of a new phone coming out or something. At any rate, if you are setting some new goals for yourself this fall, consider some foodie goals. You can make an entire list based on just about anything!

Best Gnocchi Recipes

My cat's name is Noke, which is pronounced no-key, which prompts people, upon hearing it, to think that he is named after potato pasta. No such case: he's actually fully named Princess Mononoke, and called Noke for short. The truth is that I've never eaten gnocchi! I bought a package at the store to make a couple of weeks ago but never got around to it, so I'm here to beg for your best gnocchi recipes.

Fall Hungry Squad Goal

If you're looking for a fun way to celebrate food this fall (and who isn't!), how about a fun spice challenge? Try your hand at making something different with a different fall spice every week this season. There's a catch: you must make the spice one of the stars of your dish! 

Need a good place to start? Create a checklist with any of these spices:






orange peel