October 2017

Upside-Down Oreo Cake

Combining cookies and cakes to make the ultimate desserts is a passion of many cooks and if you don't have to bake the treat, all the better! This no-bake Oreo upside-down cake is the perfect treat for Oreo lovers. All you need are some Oreos, milk, cream cheese, cool whip, sugar and strawberries. Follow the recipe and store it in the fridge and you'll have an easy, no-bake treat for your next party.

Maggot-Filled Rotten Cheese

If you opened up a cheese container and found maggots, would you throw it out? I think I'd burn it, myself. (Okay, maybe not, but I'd think about it!) Just thinking about it gives me the heebie-jeebies and knowing that some people actually approach the dish as if it's a delicacy makes me want to throw up. Logically I know that bugs are a great source of protein and most of the world does eat them in some capacity, but my conditioning makes me gag at the thought.

Del Monte Chopped at Home Challenge

Are you a fan of the Food Network show Chopped? Chances are that you've at least seen an episode or two, so you may know how it works: contestants receive a basket of ingredients that they must use prominently in a single dish to wow a panel of celebrity judges. The contestants are usually accomplished chefs so they get complicated ingredients that make things interesting.

Halloween Recipes That Kids Can Make

Most people like to find "kid-friendly" foods to make, and while I'm of the mind that kids can make just about any foods adults can with proper supervision and assistance, it can make it easier to find recipes that are especially easy to make. Parent and Child is my favorite parenting magazine and they have released some really cool-looking recipes for Halloween!