December 2017

Quick Tikka Masala

This recipe for tikka masala in an Instant Pot is so exciting! My best friend gave me an Instant Pot when she got a new one as a gift (her original had also been a gift, so we both win!) and we make a LOT of Indian food around here. It's just the easiest for me to make when I have half an hour on my hands and the flavors are loved by everyone in the house, which is pretty rare. So the fact that I can make it in an Instant Pot is very cool.

Your Best Latke Recipes

It's that time of year again--time to enjoy some delicious latkes for Hanukkah! These delicious potato cakes can be made in several different ways and are always delicious. While this recipe promises the best crispy latkes, it doesn't even include matzoh meal, which is traditional for many Jewish families. They are also pretty thin, while some latkes make much thicker cakes.

Breakfast in Japan

Miso, fish powder, pickled plums... are these the typical things you'll find on your breakfast table? They are in Japan! An adorable little girl is sharing what she normally eats for breakfast in this fun video that's both educational and cute to watch for the whole family. Some of the things she eats, like "octopus" sausages and rice, are things that we eat for lunch in my home, but not for breakfast. How about yours?