January 2018

Harry Potter Treats

If you love Harry Potter, you may want to get into the spirit of Harry Potter night, which is coming up next week! On February 1, schools around the world will be hosting events to celebrate the books and create their own magical creatures. Schools in England are also eligible to compete for prizes, but even if you're not in England you can enjoy this festive evening with friends and family.

Veggie Curry

As a curry lover, you can imagine how hard it is to cut the carbs for one of my new year goals! Fortunately for me, I love cauliflower rice and don't mind it as a sub-in, but my family is not a fan. Hence, we sometimes have multiple pots cooking at once. Curry itself doesn't have to be carb-y at all and in fact can be a great meal.

Creamy, Cheesy Chicken

Looking for a super easy and super CHEESY dinner for tonight? Try this low-carb creamy, cheesy chicken recipe. While my husband is doing low-carb, he doesn't like ranch, so I wanted to find something cheesy without the flavor to make for dinner. We usually only use the protein for half or a quarter of the plate, with vegetables or salad as the remaining half or three-quarters, so I think this two-breast recipe may be enough... although my tween can eat a lot these days!

Easy Pesto Chicken

If you've ever quit sugar, as I have a few times, you know that your first week can be a cranky one! This easy fresh basil pesto made the week much easier on my family. It gave a tasty edge to some plain chicken, making us feel like we were getting a treat. We paired it with some green beans and half a plate of salad (low-carb means lots of veggies, people! You can't live on protein alone!) and it made a really good meal.