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Your Favorite Tandoori Recipes

Indian cuisine is on my brain today, and I'm so excited about this recipe for Tandoori Chicken over at Wellness Mama. I always assumed that it was a complicated dish that requires very specific equipment to make, but this recipe calls for an outdoor grill to make it with, which is perfect for this time of year. It also requires marinating overnight, so alas, I won't be eating it today!

Discuss Your Way Of Eating

When people get irritated about, or ridicule other people's ways of eating, I can't help but shake my head. We might all be mammals, but we've evolved to a point where we all have different dietary needs. Some people have deathly allergies or sensitivities that can deeply affect their health. In fact, I think more people have sensitivities than not and just don't know it, and if more of us were willing to try modifications we could probably be a lot healthier, even happier, as a result.

All About the Macarons

After working every day since... forever, save for days when I'm sick, I always look forward to planning a day off on Mother's Day where I do whatever I want (I also do this in the fall on my birthday). I often read comic books and eat whatever I want that day, and this year is no exception! I've got macarons on my mind this year so I'm looking for some great suggestions. 

Best Salad Dressings

As someone who continues to try and eat healthy, I must admit that I get very bored with my salads. It's not even like they're boring in the first place: I chop up and add veggies and cheese, I often toss in some avocado if I have any, I experiment with herbs, spices and dressings, but it still gets awfully boring. So one of the things I try to do is try out new dressings that inspire me.


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