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September Appetizers

The handsoaps have all been switched out to fall themes, which means fall is pretty much at my house despite the 90-degree weather that hids midday. Mornings are 65 degrees and that's what counts, right? With this in mind, I'm already ready for some fall appetizers! Apps are my favorite food "group," hehe, and this slideshow has me craving some arancini and squash soup, one of my all-time favorite fall dishes.

Keto Pizzas

Even if you're not a keto eater like me, you can still appreciate a delicious pizza made on cauli, spinach or even zucchini rounds! A local woman where I live makes these awesome crusts out of veggies and sells them at the grocery store. They are pricey, but I like them better than pizza. They have more flavor! I'm not sold onto zucchini rounds and other veggie "crusts" that are really just veggies with melted cheese and sauce on top as actual pizza, but I do still enjoy them as a bite to eat.

Chaffle Sandwiches

Hungry people, I love a good sandwich. Sometimes I'll get one with real bread, but normally I just eat a deconstructed one without bread since I eat low-carb for health reasons. I'm always looking for a good cloud bread or easy bread recipe to use for something like a grilled cheese, and I can't wait to try something I just read about in one of my cooking groups. It's called a chaffle, which is just a waffle made out of cheese and eggs!

Keto Restaurant Hacks

I live a mostly keto lifestyle for many reasons, which means most of what I eat comes from the earth--lots of veggies and avocado! I also love me some nuts, and I use olive oil and vinegar on the daily. I do have protein every day, but not nearly as much as most people think keto eaters consume. I do like to eat out as a treat, so finding out restaurant hacks is one of my jams.

Hidden Food Art

Regular food art that you can immediately see, whether it's a mural done out of fruit or barista art in your coffee, is a wonder to behold. It always blows my mind how creative the human mind can be. So when you find out that there are other forms of food art beyond what you can see at first glance, it's even more breathtaking!

Your Favorite Tandoori Recipes

Indian cuisine is on my brain today, and I'm so excited about this recipe for Tandoori Chicken over at Wellness Mama. I always assumed that it was a complicated dish that requires very specific equipment to make, but this recipe calls for an outdoor grill to make it with, which is perfect for this time of year. It also requires marinating overnight, so alas, I won't be eating it today!


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