Hobbit Day Recipes

What are you making?

Hobbit Day is coming up on Sunday! It's a great day to not only rewatch all of your Hobbit and Lord of the Rings favorites, but to engage in Hobbit-themed activities, crafts and even make hobbit recipes! If you have a set of hobbit hears, go ahead and put them on. No judgement here!

I've been looking for some recipes to enjoy with my family and this Twice Baked Hobbit Bread looks perfect. I can't wait to try it. I've got some mead set aside that we might open, too.

What are you making for Hobbit Day? Share your recipes in the chat.

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Keto Pad Thai

Got a good recipe?

Last night I tried the pre-packaged shirataki Thai noodles that are already prepared. You just heat and serve. Y'all... I about barfed those things up. Normally I'm very appreciative of all things keto but these tasted like noodles covered down in weird, watery ketchup, and the "meat" and veggies were TERRIBLE. I've liked the other shirataki products I've tried, including the plain noodles that I've made at home, so this was a real letdown, especially since Thai is my fave.

I even added crushed peanuts and chili flakes to try and make it better; no dice. So now I'm wondering how to make a much better keto pad Thai.

Any ideas? Tell me what you make in the chat!

September Eats!

What are you looking forward to?

With September comes my favorite weather... soup weather! I'm all about the crockpot, stews, chili, soups... Oh, I can't wait! My favorite thing to eat in September, aside from apples and apple anything, is definitely homemade chili, but I also love my husband's potato soup.

If you try to avoid sugar and carbs like me, there are keto versions of this. For potato recipes, I suggest radishes for roasting/soups and rutabegas for fries. The latter works especially well in an air fryer.

What are you looking forward to cooking this September? Share it in the chat! 

Moon Cakes for Midsummer Festival

Where do you get yours at?

Every year, the Chinese Moon Festival sneaks up on us and I never get mooncakes in time. They're always sold out at our local Chinese bakery! This is where I absolutely want to buy them, and I have a note to get them two weeks early (they keep for a long time), but if I'm not able to get there because of life (it's a bit of a drive), I'd love to know where you get yours!

Mooncakes come in a wide variety and I definitely want some yummy nut and bean cakes, but I'd love to try some fruity ones, too. I hear pineapple is especially good, and I love pineapple.

So where do you get yours? Tell us in the chat!

Best Comfort Food This Week

What are you eating... or craving?

Covid Body will probably be a thing after 2020, if it's not already. While some people can stay or even get fit during these times, others are turning to comfort foods. I don't think there's any shame in doing so during a pandemic, so what are you enjoying right now?

Thai is my favorite, as ever, but I'm also finding comfort in fried chicken now and then. My husband's mac and cheese is also quite good; it's semi-homemade with just a few things added. Potatoes of any kind are always a comfort for me, too. 

What are you cooking up for comfort lately? Share your recipes in the chat. 

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Real Good Food

Have you tried it?

Have you ever tried Real Good food? No, I don't mean any food that just tastes really good! I mean the company Real Good, which creates high-protein, low-carb foods for people who avoid sugar to enjoy.

They make everything from pizza to pasta, and even enchiladas made from chicken! They also sell stuffed chicken. These frozen goodies aren't huge, but they're delicious and packed with protein. Pairing them with a nice dinner salad makes a great meal in my book.

Have you tried any of these? Which was your favorite? Share it in the chat!

The Best Bolognese

Share your recipes!

When it comes to a bolognese sauce, everyone seems to have a secret favorite to really make the flavors pop. Sometimes it's something completely unexpected (my mom likes to add jelly for sweetness, of all things!). Sometimes it's a secret herb combination that gets passed down through families.

Some sauces are even made with special diets in mind. There's everything from vegan and gluten-free alternatives to low-carb or keto recipes. The sauces vary by cook as well as personal preferences and dietary needs.

What is your favorite variation of the sauce? Share it with us in the chat!

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Hallumi Cheese

How do you like it?

Oh, hallumi cheese. Is there anything more delicious when fried and served piping hot? A friend of mine recommended the dish to us years ago and it was love at first bite! I had no idea that some people further season their hallumi, which sounds sooo good.

This curry marinade for hallumi cheese is something I need to try STAT. I'm all about curry, especially if it's spicy.

It looks like a really simple recipe, and while I wouldn't garnish with cilantro (I'm one of those soap people), I think a lot of different spice blends could really work on this! What spice blends do you use on your hallumi cheese? Share them in the chat!

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Favorite Mug Recipes

Share yours in the chat!

Today Hungry Girl sent out an email featuring a "naked" eggplant Parmesan recipe in a mug, which not only has me salivating, but it's inspired me. Almost all of my mug-based cooking has consisted of desserts, and I love the idea of making actual meals in a mug.

To be fair, I've experimented with eggs in a mug, and I find it kind of silly. It doesn't take long to make them on a stove, and the only benefit to this method that I can see is if there. But with a recipe like eggplant parm, absolutely, I would love some easy, one-mug recipes for things like that!

So what mug-based recipes have you made? Share them with us in the chat!

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The Best Cheddar Biscuits

How do you make yours?

Cheddar biscuits are among the most delicious foods on Earth. You can't convince me otherwise. And if they are perfectly flaky and moist with garlic in them, I'm gonna be tempted to EAT THEM ALL. I even like them cold. I'm not picky.

That's why this recipe is so intriguing to me. It features keto cheddar biscuits, which I would love to enjoy! I eat a very low-sugar/low-carb diet for medical reasons and am always looking for my favorite foods prepared in healthier-for-me ways. I am super excited to try this one out!

Do you make cheddar biscuits at home? Share your recipes with us in the chat!

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