All The Skewers

Isn't that what July is for?

Why is it so much fun to eat food off a stick? We have reusable skewers that can be used again and again to make delicious kebabs over a grill (or not), and there's just something about eating food off a stick in the summertime. So why not play with some recipes?

My absolute favorite thing to grill on a skewer is pineapple! But I also love to grill some teriyaki chicken with it. That's probably my favorite quick meal in the summertime. Honestly I'll also eat most veggies on a skewer, but my favorites are zucchini and squash. The fresher, the better!

How about you? What are your favorite things to grill or skewer in the summertime? Share your recipes in the chat. 

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Flavored Nuts and Seeds

Which ones have you liked?

After seeing that Wonderful Pistachios are now selling BBQ and Salt and vinegar flavors, I thought we might share our favorite nut and seed snacks with flavor. I'm always looking for more of these since they are low in sugar and fill me up quickly. Pistachios are my favorites, but I also love sunflower seeds, peanuts, and many other snacks!

I've had the chili roasted Wonderful Pistachios and highly recommend them. They are absolutely delicious. It looks like they have sweet chili, too, which I haven't tried. Have you tried the ranch, Taco Bell and other flavors of sunflower seeds? I like them but really prefer the seeds that are already open, which don't come in these flavors.

Which nut and seed flavors do you like the best? Share them in the chat!

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Best Potato Side Dishes

Share your favorites in the chat!

This week I saw a recipe for Greek Smashed Potatoes, which made me really crave potatoes! They are one of my favorite foods, which I can't eat often. When I do, I make it count! Fun fact: if you can't have potatoes and are craving them, sliced rutabaga works well in an air fryer for French Fries and sautéed radishes are great for pan-fried potatoes!

When you do splurge on potatoes, what is it you really want most? Is it papas bravas (with garlic aoli, please!), mashed potatoes, fried potatoes? Latkes (YUM), potato pancakes or tater skins? The possibilities are endless! My absolute favorite is probably potatoe soup, but I also love Hasselback potatoes and anything cheesy.

What is the best potato side dish? Argue your case in the chat!

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The Vanilla Volcano

What is your signature dessert?

Coldstone Creamery has a special place in my heart because the owner of our local store is so lovely. She's hosted groups of our kids there for years and educates and entertains them while letting them make their own ice cream! It's such a fun trip, and it's my favorite place to go to get a quick favorite ice cream.

By favorite, I mean my favorite concoction, which I call a Vanilla Volcano. Vanilla is my favorite flavor of everything, so I'll get either cake batter or sweet cream and add in ALL the vanilla mix-ins! We are talking vanilla Oreos, vanilla wafers, frosting... Sometimes I'll even throw in pie crust, sugar crystals or cake! And of course I top it with whipped cream. Yeah, it's a rare treat, but when I get it... wow, is it a treat.

Do you have a signature dish that you created at one of your favorite restaurants or ice cream shops? Share it in the chat!

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Get Slimed At Baskin Robbins This Summer

Will you get some slime?

Are you excited about the new Ghostbusters movie, nostalgic for Nickelodeon or just really love to eat slime? Baskin Robbins is embracing the green this year and offering  slime-themed treats! Here's the best thing--you can add slime to anything you want!

Normally flavors of the month are in the ice cream but the new slime, which is sour berry flavored, is available to use on top of anything. It's such a fun concept, especially if you love the whole "Summerween" thing or even like spooky themes all year. Of course, plenty of people love slime themes all year without making it scary!

Have you heard of anyone else offering fun summer flavors? Share them in the chat!

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The Best Summer Sides

What are your favorites?

One of the best things about summer is the food, and I am all here for the kebabs, burgers and definitely fruit. I could eat watermelon and strawberries all day long. But what about summer sides? They don't seem to get as much love, even if there are plenty of them to love.

Grilled veggies are some of my favorite sides. I will take a charred zucchini or squash any day and honestly it could be a full meal for me. I love it that much! I also love grilled pineapple. If you want some light sides to go with heavier dishes, Hungry Girl has a lot of yummy salads as well as interesting sides like wonton BLT cups, different types of slaw and other goodness.

What are your favorite summer sides? Share them with us in the chat!

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Pocket Foods

What are your favorites?

For Mother's Day, I knew exactly what I wanted to eat--pocket foods! These are not Hot Pockets (though I mean no disrespect to those who enjoy them), but foods that I think of as pockets, like dumplings and ravioli. These are all my favorites. They're so fun to eat, savory and delightful. How could you not love them?

Some of my favorite pocket foods are from Trader Joes'. They have soup dumplings that I could eat on the daily, they are so good. I also love their ravioli and various sauces. If you haven't had ravioli in pesto, it's something I highly recommend! They have a huge variety of ravioli and I still haven't tried them all yet.

What kinds of foods would you consider "pocket foods"? Which ones are your favorites? Share them in the chat!

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Best Grocery Store Finds This Week

Share them in the chat!

During quarantine, I didn't venture into the grocery store very often. Now that I'm fully vaccinated I still don't go as often as I did pre-Covid, but I've gone early in the morning a couple of times and been surprised at all of the cool things I've found that weren't there pre-Covid. I had no idea there were so many new sugar-free ice creams, or drink flavors, or even new chip varieties!

Let's share some of our favorite finds in terms of grocery shopping. For starters, I'm in love with Rebel ice cream, which tastes awesome as long as you give it time to thaw and get creamy. I'm also excited about Trader Joe's new roasted veggies! I roast broccoli and cauliflower every week and it's not a huge task but it does take some time. These pouches really cut down on the prep work.

What fun finds have you found in the grocery store lately? Share them in the chat.

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Gifts From The Garden Month

What are you enjoying?

Unless you've grown some cold weather crops like lettuce or you've got some fast-growing radishes, odds are you don't have a lot of crops growing just yet. A lot of farms have strawberries ripe for picking, though, which makes them a great part of Gifts From The Garden Month!

We just scheduled a trip to one of our local growers and can't wait to pick some berries. It's been a long time. Our local grower has social distancing rules, including reservations and limited number of guests, and they charge under $3 per pound. There are so many things we hope to make with these fresh berries.

how about you? What are you eating for Gifts From the Garden Month? Share your recipes or what you're growing in the chat.

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Tomato And Lemon Pasta

Have you tried it?

When I ran across a recipe for sundried tomato and lemon pasta on TikTok, I must admit that it sounded weird to me. Lemon? With tomatoes? But it really looks like it would work well together. @delishaas makes this recipe with shallots, basil, Italian spices, red pepper flakes, lemon zest and juice, heavy cream, tomato paste, and Parmesan cheese.

Here's another recipe that I ran across that looks a little less creamy but just as tasty. I like that the top recipe has all of those greens and red pepper flakes, which are my favorite garnish, but this one looks pretty with its fresh tomatoes, too.

What kind of pasta are you making this week? Share it in the chat.

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