Foster Farms Bold Bites

Have you tried them?

As someone who is always looking for low-sugar snacks for on-the-go, I was excited to learn about Foster Farms Bold Bites. They have some awesome looking flavors of snacks that are low in both sugar and calories. It's boneless, skinless chicken breast with bold flavors packaged in a portable, non-perishable bag!

I think these would be great for a quick addition of protein to salads, too, which I'm also excited about. I am always adding lunch meat to my salads because I forget to cook up some chicken the day before, so it would be a very convenient and flavorful option.

This taco flavor looks really good, and I hope they have more flavors to come. Have you tried them, or have you found anything similar? 

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Comfort Foods For Fall

What do you crave?

Whether it's while you bite your nails waiting for election results or you adjust to Daylight Savings Time and the colder temps, comfort foods are often a way to help us cope through the challenges of fall. The beauty of comfort foods is that they look different for each individual and vary widely.

A friend of mine always wants grits, while my kid is after a good mac and cheese. My husband loves pizza, and I will never turn down a grilled cheese with tomato soup, an all-time classic! I do love a grilled cheese with apple in it, too.

What comfort foods do you love this time of year? Share them in the chat! 

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Last-Minute Halloween Bites

Whatcha got cooking?

Did you get too busy or just forget to make some yummy Halloween treat or feast plans? No worries, we will find something delicious together! Personally, my family is making monster pizzas on flat bread with Hocus Pocus buns for dessert. We're just arranging pizza toppings into faces and we can't wait to try the buns! I've heard really good things.

One of the easiest Halloween goodies to make in my experience is Oreo balls. They only use a few ingredients and they're a big crowd pleasuer, but they are also super heavy and you can really only eat a couple before getting full! It's also fun to make easy Halloween "eyeballs" out of meatballs, one of my favorite finger foods. 

What are you making for Halloween night? share your recipes in the chat!

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Fall Paninis And Sandwiches

What are you making?

We don't often talk about sandwiches around here, but I think we should give them some love. The sandwich is one of my favorite foods, and I love all kinds of different breads, cheeses, condiments, and other sandwich goodies. One of my favorite things to put on a fall sandwich is definitely apple butter.

Some restaurants have absolute game-changing sandwiches. We have a local food truck that sells the most incredible grilled cheese sandwiches, and our local coffee shop sells paninis made with everything from jalapeno poppers to berries and they are SO good. 

What is your favorite fall sandwich? Share your recipe in the chat! 

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Infusing Baked Goods with Tea

Do you have any experience?

As someone who tries to avoid too much sugar but loves a lot of flavor, I've been experimenting with lots of ways to add the latter and skip the former. Today I was looking at my pumpkin spice and caramel teas and wondering... would they be good to flavor low-sugar mug cakes with?

It looks like chai has been experimented with in this department, and by a food blogger I definitely trust. My main question is if I can use the leaves, how much water to steep with them or if I can steep them in cream for recipes? I'd assume that would take a while, and I'd have to leave them in the cream overnight to really infuse it with flavor.

Do you have any experience infusing baked goods with tea? What tips can you give me?

Halloween Menus

What's on yours?

Even if you're at home for Halloween this year, that doesn't mean you can't have fun with an incredibly creative menu! Spooky Little Halloween has been sharing so many great ways to celebrate while at home or social distancing and there's still plenty of opportunities to really enjoy the holiday. After all, it's during Daylight Savings and a full moon on a Saturday this year, so we might as well make the most of it!

One way we can do just that is by planning a super spooky menu. Pinterest is full of great ideas for just that, from "gory" meals like stuffed bodies (which are just shaped like bodies, but filled with things like mini corn dogs--yum!) to more cutesy items like cookies, cakes and other goodies shaped like Halloween monsters. The sky is the limit here, and if you can't trick or treat or go to a bonfire, why not make something really fun at home?

What are you cooking up this Halloween? Share your menus in the chat! 

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The Best Halloween Cookbooks

Share your favorites!

Pinterest is full of great Halloween recipes, but did you know that there are entire books dedicated to spooky recipes? There are even books that list recipes based on spooky themes, from Supernatural to Lovecraft. This list is giving me all the ideas!

I've also seen people making recipes from Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and other fan favorite TV shows and books. You don't have to have the entire themed event to plan any of these foods, after all. In fact, why not make something from each of your spooky-themed favorites for a Halloween buffet? That might make staying home all the better.

What fandom recipes are you making? Share them in the chat. 

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Designing the Perfect Halloween Menu

What do you have cooking?

As Halloween rapidly approaches, it's time to start planning what we want to have on our Halloween dinner tables--whether this means a meal for one, a family style experience or a socially distant party with friends or family. The number of people involved will surely impact the kinds of foods and format in which they are served, but definitely don't skimp out on the Halloween decorative plates and napkins, even if it's just for you to enjoy all on your own.

I've seen a lot of people planning gory meals this year, like sausage "intestines" and cookie fingers and so forth. While I love Halloween and all things spooky, gore really isn't my thing as much. I like a little bit but I really like a cleaner look. We painted hockey masks on cookies last year, for example, and those looked really cute. I'm also one for the spooky aesthetic of dry ice for smoke or black punch. Beautiful and yummy!

How do you like your big Halloween spread to look and taste? Share your plans for this Halloween in the chat.

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Hobbit Day Recipes

What are you making?

Hobbit Day is coming up on Sunday! It's a great day to not only rewatch all of your Hobbit and Lord of the Rings favorites, but to engage in Hobbit-themed activities, crafts and even make hobbit recipes! If you have a set of hobbit hears, go ahead and put them on. No judgement here!

I've been looking for some recipes to enjoy with my family and this Twice Baked Hobbit Bread looks perfect. I can't wait to try it. I've got some mead set aside that we might open, too.

What are you making for Hobbit Day? Share your recipes in the chat.

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Keto Pad Thai

Got a good recipe?

Last night I tried the pre-packaged shirataki Thai noodles that are already prepared. You just heat and serve. Y'all... I about barfed those things up. Normally I'm very appreciative of all things keto but these tasted like noodles covered down in weird, watery ketchup, and the "meat" and veggies were TERRIBLE. I've liked the other shirataki products I've tried, including the plain noodles that I've made at home, so this was a real letdown, especially since Thai is my fave.

I even added crushed peanuts and chili flakes to try and make it better; no dice. So now I'm wondering how to make a much better keto pad Thai.

Any ideas? Tell me what you make in the chat!