Best Creamy Soups

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Are you a creamy soup lover? Oh I am! I love a hearty soup, too, but there's something ever so comforting about a creamy soup. Spicy, cheesy potato soup is my absolute favorite; my husband actually fries the potatoes with brown sugar and cayenne pepper first for an extra kick.

So now I definitely want to try this jalapeno popper chicken soup. It looks creamy and delicious, and it has bacon! I'm not one for bacon in soup unless the bacon is homemade and fresh, and this is that. 

What other creamy soups do you love? I'd love to hear about them in the chat!

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Bacon-Wrapped Goodness

What's your favorite way to use bacon?

As much as I've tried to reduce my meat intake, my family and I still enjoy bacon every now and then because it's one of the most delicious foods ever invented. My favorite way to eat it, aside from by itself, is to wrap it around jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese, herbs and sometimes even another cheese. YUM. It is the best guilty pleasure I have and a little really does go a long way.

My sister loves bacon-wrapped scallops, and I've also enjoyed bacon-wrapped figs, turkey and other goodies in my lifetime (not to mention candied bacon, which deserves its own discussion), but I'd love to hear what other bacon-wrapped foods people enjoy.

So what are your favorite bacon-wrapped food recipes? What do you love to make, or what bacon-wrapped goodies have you found in stores or restaurants? 

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Weird Food Substitutions

What are the strangest ones you've ever heard of?

My teen is all about weird food history right now, and I've been informed that a lot of people don't use real wasabi due to cost and actually substitute horseradish dyed green instead. You may want to check that with your favorite restaurant!

The fish that you order may not be the actual fish that you wanted, either. About 20% of fish served in restaurants may be mislabeled, according to an Oceana report. Many other foods are real but diluted. When I read that honey is often diluted with corn syrup it made my stomach turn.

What are the weirdest fake foods substituted for the real thing that you've heard of? Share your experiences in the chat!

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Animal-Shaped Goodies

Share your favorites!

My kiddo and I like to make treats in the shapes of things. We made a lion-shaped cake once that was pretty awesome, but we usually just like to "paint" our cupcakes as characters or animals with icing tubes. So when I shared these little corgi bread buns with them, I knew they'd be a hit! All of the kids seem to be super into corgis right now anyway, which means these buns would be great for a kid party, right?

Then there are these super cute crabs made out of watermelon that would be so much fun to make. We could make these at home and I know my toddler niece would love to make them along with the many other cute critter foods in the list.

What other animal-shaped snacks have you seen or made? Share your ideas in the chat.


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Warming Soups For Cold Winter Nights

What's your favorite recipe?

It's that time of year for soup lovers! Who doesn't love a nice, hot bowl of comforting soup this time of year? Personally I could eat soup all year round, and I haven't met many types of soup I don't like, although I'm not a fan of weak potato soups. I like mine hearty and spicy!

My husband's potato soup is the best. He fries potatoes in brown sugar, cayenne pepper and a few other seasonings, then makes a gravy-like soup to finish them in. It's thick, spicy and my favorite food during the winter.

What's your favorite comforting soup for the winter months? Share your recipes in the chat!


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Breakfast For Dinner

What's your favorite way to enjoy this favorite?

If it were up to my husband and teenager, every meal would be some variety of breakfast. Those two could eat a waffle bar, eggs and bacon, biscuits and gravy or French toast for every meal. That means it's easy to please them, sure, but since I'm a breakfast when I feel like it type of person, and I only feel like it maybe once a week, that means I'm usually eating a salad if they're into pancakes on any given night!

This is actually fine with me, but I think finding fun new variations to the same old breakfasts might help me--especially when it comes to the options with no added sugar, since, like Hall and Oates, I don't go for that. I'm always looking for new egg, sausage and cheese variations, but honestly it all tastes the same after a while.

A themed night of breakfast sounds really fun, too, but what to make? What types of breakfasts do you make for dinner? Share your recipes in the chat!

The "I Love My Air Fryer" Keto Diet Recipe Book

Easy recipes to get started!

As I mentioned last week, my parents bought us an air fryer for Christmas this year and we love playing with this thing. We made meatballs last weekend and they were delicious. This week I got a new recipe book from the library to try. It's called The I Love My Air Fryer Keto Diet Recipe Book, which sounds like a mouthful, but the recipes themselves are quite good so far.

Most of the recipes in the book have just a handful of easy-to-find ingredients, which is nice since a lot of keto recipes call for weird things you have to order online. It has a couple of things we've already tried, like keto garlic bread (which was phenomenal), as well as MANY other things we hope to try, from cheesey garlic biscuits to stir-fry.

Have you used this cookbook? Which recipe did you like the best? What other air fryer recipe books do you like to use?


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Favorite Ways To Use An Air Fryer

Share your secrets!

My parents bought us an air fryer for the holidays and we are super excited about it. So far my husband has made French fries and keto garlic cheese bread so far and both have been very good. The Fries have a different texture than you'd expect but it would be easy to get used to them, especially if you like rutabega fries like me! 

We have an air fryer recipe book waiting for us to pick up at the library, and there are tons of online resources to check out, but I've always found that in cooking, it helps to have personal tips and advice, especially when using something this new to us.

So how about it, Hunger Bloggers? What are your favorite things to make in an air fryer, and how do you make them?

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Bacon Roses for Valentine's Day

Check out this unique foodie gift

For Christmas, I made my husband a countdown calendar featuring a bunch of odd types of jerky, knowing that he would love it. Guess what? He did! And now I've found something that he and other meat-lovers would love for Valentine's Day, too: Bacon Roses from the Manly Man Company!

These are candies in maple or carmel flavoring featuring rose-shaped bacon on top. They are actually quite pretty, but they would surely make a tasty treat for any bacon-lover this Valentine's Day. 

What do you think of these "roses"? Are you getting any foodie treats for yourself or a loved one this Valentine's Day? Share what you're getting in the chat.

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Pepper Pot Day

No, not Iron Man's Pepper Potts!

Happy Pepper Pot Day, Hungry Bloggers! Just what is Pepper Pot Day, you might ask? I was wondering the same thing when I read about it. I don't remember learning about it in history, but it's a celebration of a soup that George Washington asked to be made during the Revolutionary War. Apparently it fortified the troops so much they declared it the soup that won the war, even though it was basically a bunch of pepper, pieces of whatever meat the cook could find and tripe. 


There is an authentic recipe for Pepper Pot Soup if you want to try it, but I think I'll omit the tripe, thanks! I've never really tried it, so who knows, maybe it's good, but it's just off-putting to me. Do you guys like tripe?


Have you ever made Pepper Pot Soup? If so, how did it turn out? Share your own recipes in the chat. 

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