Dietary Changes To Save The Earth

Would you make them?

If scientists devloped some sort of diet or eating guide that would help us preserve this planet for human life, would you implement it into your life? A new United Nations report is suggesting that is what humans need to do, and that by reducing meat consumption we could actually lower emissions by 15%. That's an amazing change, and if we are actually able to make this happen, I'm all for it, even if my health means that meat is a pretty central part of my diet. 

I know many other people who have had to change from a plant-based diet to one that incorporates more meat as they get older for health reasons, too, which can be problematic here, but the idea is less red meat overall. This makes sense, since so much rainforest land in particular has been used for cattle grazing, and if we limit ourselves to local, non-red meat, that's still a big impact to be had.

What do you think of these ideas? Would you make the changes to help save the world for human use?

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