Pepper Pot Day

No, not Iron Man's Pepper Potts!

Happy Pepper Pot Day, Hungry Bloggers! Just what is Pepper Pot Day, you might ask? I was wondering the same thing when I read about it. I don't remember learning about it in history, but it's a celebration of a soup that George Washington asked to be made during the Revolutionary War. Apparently it fortified the troops so much they declared it the soup that won the war, even though it was basically a bunch of pepper, pieces of whatever meat the cook could find and tripe. 


There is an authentic recipe for Pepper Pot Soup if you want to try it, but I think I'll omit the tripe, thanks! I've never really tried it, so who knows, maybe it's good, but it's just off-putting to me. Do you guys like tripe?


Have you ever made Pepper Pot Soup? If so, how did it turn out? Share your own recipes in the chat. 

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