Qdoba Candles

Because nothing says holiday like the scent of queso!

Move over, candles that feature scents from Krispy Kreme and Jelly Belly: Qdoba is joining your ranks! Qdoba is selling queso-scented candles for all of the cheese lovers this holiday season. It's bright orange and smells like a combo of American, Monterey and cheddar cheeses, which is what their queso consists of. 

Let's be real here, though: the idea behind this is to make us CRAVE that queso! It's basically getting you to buy their marketing in order to buy products later. Don't believe me? Get a Bath and Body marshmallow candle and see if you don't want to smell like marshmallows. Then try not to eat any. Ha! I still love them.

Will you be buying a queso candle?

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