September 2015

"Ugly" produce gets its day in the sun

Reclaiming this waste
America is facing a huge food waste crisis which involves all levels of the food chain - from the farmer who grows it to the person who puts it in their refrigerator at home. This waste isn't just a waste of a resource (although that's bad enough, in a country where millions of people are living in "food insecure" households). It's also a waste of water, gasoline, supply lines, manpower, and more.

Could this be the end of avocados?

California's drought may spell the demise of this tasty treat
Avocados (which are technically a berry, not a fruit or vegetable) have proliferated in California over recent years, thanks to their increased popularity as of late. Unfortunately, these delicious darlings of Instagram require a lot of water to grow, and California's drought may spell doom for the mighty avocado.