March 2017

Cozymeal Lets You Learn to Cook at Home

Sure, you can learn to cook with celebrity chefs from the comfort of your home by watching Food Network and pausing it (a lot), or you can check out a cookbook to follow, but some people just learn better from a classroom-like environment. You may not want to leave the house at all, though, so where does that leave you? With Cozymeal, you have options.

At-Home Coffeehouse Beverages

There’s just something about getting your tea or coffee made at a coffeehouse rather than doing it yourself at home. Whether it’s the plethora of syrups and toppings you don’t have at home, the fancy equipment or just the age old rule that everything tastes better when someone else whips it up for you, most people enjoy a drink out rather than in—but many avoid it since it does tend to get pricey.

Healthy Fast Food?

It’s becoming a possibility! Serving chopped veggies and fruits really isn’t some mysterious practice that fast food giants can’t decipher without a colander and Ouija board; it’s a pretty simple concept. It’s just not as cheap and comes with a bigger risk—if people don’t flock to the fresh produce, it’s in big danger of being wasted. There are ways to circumvent that, of course, and the restaurants that are making it big by selling healthier menu items must get that.