August 2017

Pumpkin Spice is Back

When it comes to pumpkin spice, some people are sick of it just by hearing about it--but others can't get enough of the product. Various restaurants have their own spin on the flavor and some of them are so well-known that people count down the days until they can eat them again. For example, the pumpkin spice cheesecake at Olive Garden is a well-known favorite, as is the same offering at the Cheesecake Factory. 

Eating with the Blahs

When you get a case of the blahs, when everything feels wrong and you have no idea why or how to fix it, sometimes a comforting meal can help. I'm not suggesting that food will cure depression, but sometimes it will help lighten up a cloudy week. Maybe it's something your grandmother or father used to make, or something that you had when you were sick. Perhaps it's the first meal you learned to cook on your own. Whatever it is, if you're feeling the blahs, why not make that food today?

Small Plate Recipes

Whether you're making appetizers for tailgating season or a series of small plates to enjoy at a birthday party, small plates are all the rage. Restaurants featuring small plates are popping up everywhere and there's nothing more fun to eat than a wide variety of items. It's the closest thing the West has to going out for tapas, but if you ever have the chance, definitely go to Spain to try the tradition in person. It's much more fun--and cheap!

Baked Eggplant

When my best friend bought an eggplant at the farmer's market and admitted that she'd never cooked it before, I couldn't believe it! It wasn't that I'd never heard of someone not cooking eggplant; I didn't even try it until college. It's just that she's such an amazing cook that I couldn't believe she didn't already have some amazing recipe up her (adorably witchy, bell-shaped) sleeve.