Baked Truffle and Goat Cheese Macaroni

Baked Truffle and Goat Cheese Macaroni

Cheese lovers, unite!

With the inclusion of truffle oil, this entrée spans between the category of gourmet and comfort food, falling somewhere in between. As you dig into this dish, you’ll taste the complex notes of truffle oil baked within the dish.

Huxtables Baked Truffle & Goat Cheese Macaroni is the real deal. If the title doesn’t make your mouth water, the ingredients surely will. This delectable dish contains whole milk, penne pasta, cream, goat cheese, four cheese blend (parmesan, asiago, fontina and mild provolone), sourdough breadcrumbs, truffle oil, cornstarch, garlic, canola oil, sea salt, parmesan cheese and spices.

This gourmet macaroni and cheese dish can be picked up at your local Costco (known for quality bulk foods). Locate your nearest Costco here. The price is somewhat steep, almost 15 dollars according to my receipt. Though, I digress, this entree will serve a hungry family of four for two meals, not just one. Eight meals for that price don’t seem too bad when compensating for the initial cost. This entrée is very hardy and belly filling.

When I looked at the nutrition facts label, next to the instruction panel the fat content was pretty high. Each serving is about 500 calories. For those trying to watch their weight or be mindful of their calories, it might be best to save this for special occasions. However, this entrée is perfect for a cold autumn night when all you want is easy comfort food. Round it out with a salad or steamed vegetables.

This entrée can be either cooked in the oven at the standard 375 degrees for half an hour. Or it can be heated up in the microwave and ready for your family within ten minutes.