A lost concept

When it comes to relaxing, the U.S. seems to be a little behind.  We are too focused on capitalism to think of relaxing. Siestas sound nice, but unfortunately that seems to be a lost idea on American culture.

Fortunately enough, we have tea.

I know I harp on this more than usual but this is the essential part of the tea drinker's routine.

The thing about our lives is that they are complicated by stress and when we can't go to a place to relax, we die faster than we live.

In many cultures, tea goes hand in hand with meditation and meditation should be your best friend.  I know, I know.  Who has time for meditation?

I have trouble finding time to meditate but why couldn't we have an hour a day set aside for it.

Other places do.  Maybe it isn't technically meditation, maybe it is conversating with a good friend or enjoying nature with the sounds of the wind.  Whatever it may be, this time is essential in our lives and if tea leads us to that peace then why would I harp on it some more.  It's as if the nectar of the gods were handed to us but we can't convince ourselves to drink it or listen because we haven't got the time.

I love green tea, it is my favorite tea.  It not only energizes but it is full of antioxidants and helps me stay connected to my life energy, my hopes and my dreams. It may sound ridiculous but there is something more to this tea.  It is as if I feel more focused when I drink it.  So why not try it.  Take a moment.  Relax.