Ten Minutes To A Better Body

Ten Minutes To A Better Body

I could opt to throw out another low-fat or fat free recipe, given that the primary goal of this website is to do just that. Reality is, finding low or fat free recipes is only half the battle. We can eat healthy every day – watch our caloric intake, monitor our sodium intake and reduce or eliminate a chunk of the fat from our meals. Chances are, we will see positive results. We may slim down, have more energy and overall be in the process of obtaining and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. And to some, they may be good enough.

For me, I want all of those things. Yet, a plateau always manages to creep into my life – a moment where my efforts roll to a standstill. The moment where I have conquered a portion of my weight loss and health goals, but a decent amount remains. And no matter how healthy I eat, I stay exactly where I am.

If you speak to anyone in the health and wellness world, they always note that nutrition plays a significant role and exercise becomes the next. I have tried gym memberships and group classes. All are great on some levels – however, I have been striving to find something that would work with my schedule, provide results, and essentially help me reach my fitness goals.

Most people have heard of P-90x. A large chunk of people have tried it. I being one of them – and honestly, I cannot deny that it was a great work-out. My only struggle is the amount of time needed to complete the work-outs. There are numerous days that time is not on my side. I recently ordered the 10 minute work-outs from the same individual who created P-90x. Work out for 10 minutes – believe me, that is a work out I can commit to.

If you are like me…have a schedule that makes it hard to give yourself a great deal of time in the gym…these work-outs can be a lifesaver. For me, kicking out a little bit of money for these was a minor investment. Hopefully, weeks from now…I can say that my goals have been met with a little help for ten minutes a day.