Hungry All the Time

What do you use to hold yourself over?

Snacking is as American as apple pie and bald eagles but it's not exactly the healthiest pastime, is it? While some doctors do recommend several smaller meals throughout the day rather than the traditional three hots to go with your cot, others maintain that it's just not healthy, especially if you're working on lowering your blood sugar. Each person's needs are unique and snacking just isn't for everyone.

So what do you do to hold yourself over? For starters, you can make your meals more filling. Add a healthy fat, like olive oil or an avocado, to your meal to make it keep you full for much longer. You can also fill up on healthy greens and salad while you eat to ensure you get full, such as these yummy salads. You can also use the oldest trick in the book: drink a full glass of water before you decide if you're really hungry or not.

What do you do when you're hungry before it's mealtime?

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